It’s hard to find a more impactful or less expensive way to bring a fresh look to a home than by painting it white. This simple strategy is often used to sell a home or revive a newly purchased one.

A color like Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Month for May, White Hyacinth, can be used to refresh a variety of styles from modern to traditional. Not to mention it can be paired with a variety of colors. Here are just a few suggestions for using this versatile shade in your home.

As with all colors, white has an associated temperature, mood, light reflectivity and style, and White Hyacinth is no exception. Soft and balanced, White Hyacinth lightens and brightens shades like Sticks & Stones, Willow Tree and Moody Blue.

A modern or minimalist look can easily veer toward cold and commercial without a softer undertone when it comes to paint. Using White Hyacinth and adding plenty of warm wood via cabinetry or flooring grounds the space and gives it a welcoming, inviting feel.

A versatile choice

For a more traditional space, White Hyacinth is the ideal shade, as it works best to create a lived-in familiarity to a room. In dining or bedroom areas, this shade is an optimally warm and ‘delicious’ choice.

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Pairing White Hyacinth with Black Fox can create a very elegant, Art Deco feel. The dramatic contrast allows a blank canvas, gallery-like effect for adding a variety of other colors.

White Hyacinth cabinets are a great way to brighten up a kitchen while also adding warmth and style. Here, instead of using true white cabinetry, the creamy tone was used to maintain harmony with the golden tan counter tops and backsplash.

Take it outside

The versatile White Hyacinth hue is also ideal for exterior palettes. Pair with Morris Room Grey or Library Pewter for a stately yet inviting curb appeal — or use a true white shade to keep things simple.

You may even consider pairing the paint with Antiquarian Brown and Ruskin Room Green to create a flawless flow throughout your interior spaces. The Craftsman aesthetic never looked so good.

How do you see yourself using White Hyacinth in your space?


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