By Erinn Valencich

The master bedroom in this craftsman-style Los Angeles home didn’t suit the new owners, who envisioned something more glamorous and sophisticated. As a nod to their passion for Asian art, a Zen-like master retreat was designed to reflect their tastes, interests and travels.

before1 sm

Before redecorating, solid-colored walls and unremarkable textiles combined for a bland master bedroom.

When designing any space, choosing one element that will anchor the room is always a good place to start. In this case, it was a flocked wallpaper.

The pattern evokes vintage, hand-painted Asian silk fabrics, which the homeowners love. With the wallpaper as inspiration, a boudoir with lots of texture and a little shimmer was created.

after 2 adjusted

Because the wallpaper’s background is a muted metallic with just a hint of green, a light aqua (the homeowner’s favorite color) served as an accent color. This shade appears in the bedding, and also in the bench at the foot of the bed, which is covered in an aqua velvet.

Soft, touchable fabrics give the bedroom a sumptuous, luxurious feel, and using a variety of materials adds texture and richness to the room.

Ready for bed

In every boudoir, the bed is the focal point of the room. For this space, an upholstered headboard adds softness to the room and serves as a contrast to the hardwood floor and vaulted wood ceiling. The heavy texture of the green linen is striking when paired with the fine shimmer of the wallpaper. Juxtaposition of textures is what makes a room interesting.

after 4

The natural woven window shades were left over from the previous owners. Because the color and texture worked so well with the wood ceiling, they were left in place. Enhancing the mixture of rough and fine textures, a jute rug and custom silk drapery that mirrors the background color of the wallpaper combine to create a pulled-together look.

after 5

Since the windows in this room are set very closely together, extra-wide nightstands were a good choice. They increase the width of the main focal wall, and also give the room a more updated, polished feel.

after 3

The nightstands have a slight Asian flare to them, and the brass ring hardware was the perfect touch. The table lamps continue the Asian styling in this space without going overboard, and the lamps, in gold metal with a soft white shade, add lightness to the room.


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