Now that spring is here, celebrate the warm weather vibes by setting up one of these must-have room finishers: a stunning bar cart. Here are some styling and entertaining tips to inspire your next cocktail hang or house party.

Vintage warmth


Stir together a Manhattan and cozy up with a dense classic. This wood paneled brass bar cart has tons of charm and is outfitted for the masculine nostalgist. A wondrous collection of vintage cameras, records and details bring home the stately look.

Tip: Collections bring it all together.

Let your bar cart pull double duty by displaying a favorite collection that showcases your personality and interests. Commit a few hours to your local flea market or online estate sales to grow or start your collection, which will spark conversations with first-time guests.

Feminized industrial


Even the most industrial cart can be sweetly styled for a small shower or birthday celebration. Stocking this petite bar cart with festive punch batched out in classic crystal decanters makes for a very dear scene. The retro radios and silver accents complete the look.

Tip: Say it with flowers.

A small complementary arrangement placed near your bar cart can bring the whole look together. Embrace the feminine with blush-colored garden roses and tulips to create a tea party atmosphere.

Tropical punch


This look skips spring and dives straight into summer with palm leaves, tie dye and rum. Abundant colorful citrus not only stands in for floral centerpieces or candles, but is handy for the bar if your drink calls for a twist. Imagine this green bar cart poolside.

Tip: Open in style with festive bar cart accessories.

Unique bottle openers and wine keys will help your guests interact with the cart. We can’t all mix a perfect drink, but we can all open a bottle. These tools are a low-budget investment that allows your guests to feel fancy-pants without measuring a cocktail.



An elegant circular bar cart with warm brass candlesticks and a few bottles of wine is perfect for date night. This look creates a cozy setting for sipping a nice biodynamic wine and listening to a favorite LP on the turntable. This type of cart is incredibly versatile, and can easily be repurposed to corral perfume and toiletries in a large guest bathroom, or serve as an end table in the living room.

Tip: Choose vintage stemware to replace plain-jane glasses.

Antique glassware embellished with metallic accents and etched designs is plentiful and affordable. Build a mismatched set of beautiful pieces, and each guest’s glass will have its own personality — a great conversation starter.

Which bar cart look are you coveting for your home?

Bar carts shot on location at Patina Rental in Brooklyn, NY by Kristen Blush. Bottle openers from Foxy and Winston. Floral design by Hops Petunia. Prop styling by Patina Rental and Douglas Calhoun Events.


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