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If you’ve been researching real estate and you’re stressed out about the thought of moving your belongings to a new property, sit back and read the list below. The key to a stress free move is just to ensure that you’re well organized. If you foresee yourself moving in the near future, relax, most of the thinking has already been done for you.

Items to collect before your scheduled move :

1. Large, sturdy boxes

Before you spend you hard earned money on moving boxes, it’s well worth asking local businesses such as furniture stores to see if they have any large boxes which they’re looking to part with. Alternatively, it’s worth asking friends and work colleagues to see if they have any boxes available. If you’re unsuccessful, you can purchase suitable boxes online or directly from a moving company.

2. Protective materials 

It’s well worth stocking up on protective materials such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts. It’s highly likely that some of your moving boxes may move around inside of your moving truck, during transportation. Also ensure to pick up enough plastic wrap to cover larger items such as sofas and bed frames.

3. Furniture pads

Avoid injuring your back by using handy furniture pads to shift heavy furniture. As a bonus, by using furniture pads you’ll avoid scuffing or marking your flooring. It’s worth noting, that if you’re moving from a rental property, to a new home, you may be charged for any noticeable scuff marks or damage.

4. Moving straps and ropes

Moving straps are dual purpose, not only can they can help you move heavy items such as furniture but they can also be used to secure items in place, once you’ve stacked your items into your truck or van.

5. A dolly (hand cart)

Opt for a upright dolly which will allow you to shift several heavy boxes at one time, with ease. A two wheel dolly should suit your needs unless you need help moving large heavy items such as refrigerator, in which case you may be better off hiring a four wheel dolly, with a flat base.

6. A tool box 

Essential items on moving day include measuring tape, a razor blade or craft blade, a sharp pair of scissors, duct tape and a screw driver. The later of which you may need to use to take large items apart for easy transportation.

What to wear:

Your personal safety should be paramount, so ensure to wear sturdy shoes such as trainers or working boots which boast anti-slip soles, as the last thing you want to do is to drop a heavy item on your foot. It’s worthwhile picking up a pair of tough work gloves, which will give your hands extra protection and will minimize your chance of dropping expensive items. Lastly, make sure to dress for the weather and to wear breathable, comfortable fabrics as you’re likely to work up a sweat, moving items around.

4 clever ways to ensure that your moving day goes as smoothly as possible:

1. Sort your belongings into two lists

Your first step should be to list all the items in your home which you wish to keep as well as all the items you plan to give away or donate to charity.

2. Draw up an inventory

Make sure to draw up an inventory off all the items which you need to shift. Allow room to add extra notes, as an example you may want to make note of the items which you require a dolly to move, or items which are fragile and which need to be wrapped up and secured properly.

3. Don’t rush or make hasty decisions

Make sure that you’ve allotted plenty of time to move your items, without having to be hasty. If possible rent your moving van or truck for a full day, not a half day and start moving your items early in the morning. Make sure to take regular breaks.

4. Recruit your friends and family to lend a helping hand

Moving, isn’t a one person or a two person job, so it pays to ask around to see whether you can find half a dozen able bodied friends or family members to help you out. On the day or removal assign some friends to helping your sort and box items, whilst other friends can be tasked with the duty of moving your moving boxes to your moving van or truck. Just remember to thank your volunteers, be shouting them to a free lunch or dinner.

As long as you’re well organized, you should find that your moving day passes without any hitches!


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