Add rustic charm to your bedroom with this DIY wood-round headboard. The best part is that it is very easy to make. Follow these simple instructions to create your own.
Image 2 If you’re cutting your own wood rounds, be sure to give them plenty of time to dry out. If they aren’t completely dry, they are prone to mold. Lie them out for one month indoors, and allow longer if drying them outside. Once they’re dried out, you’re ready to make your headboard.

1. Cut plywood base to size

A standard plywood sheet is four feet by eight feet. Use the four-foot width for the height of your headboard. This leaves you room to customize the base to your bed width. For a standard queen, a width of five feet works.

2. Build the frame to support the headboard

comboUsing two-by-fours, build a frame to attach the plywood base to. Beds range in height, depending on the mattress size. Measure the height between your mattress and the floor. That should be the height of the legs underneath the base.

Add the 4-foot headboard height to that measurement to get the length of the two side pieces of the frame. Inset the two side pieces at least two inches from the edge of the plywood base to ensure that the frame isn’t visible.

Run a cross piece between the two sides of the frame at the top and bottom. This will provide more stability for the finished headboard.

3. Stain the base

Choose a dark stain for the base so that once the wood rounds are attached, the base won’t be noticeable. The headboard should look like the wood is just stacked, so a base that is darker than your wood rounds will recede into the background.

4.  Arrange the wood rounds

Image 6This part can be a bit of a puzzle. You want as little space between the wood rounds as possible, so lay them out on the base and take the time to re-arrange them as needed until you find an overall look and design you’re happy with.

5. Glue down the wood rounds

Using an adhesive like Liquid Nails, apply a generous amount of glue to the back of each wood round and press it firmly into place.

6. Screw wood rounds into place

You’ll need a helper for this step. The Liquid Nails is strong and should hold the wood rounds in place, but, since this is a headboard, it doesn’t hurt to add a little extra security.

Prop up the headboard. Have your helper insert screws into each wood round from behind the headboard while you press firmly on each round from the front to hold it in place.

7. Apply polyurethane (optional)

Clear polyurethane will make the headboard wood appear darker, so if you like the raw wood and lighter look, forgo this step.

8. Set up and enjoy!

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Photos by The White Buffalo Styling Co.


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