African American Family Unpacking Boxes Moving House

Moving is an exciting time for the entire family, but can be stressful too with tons of packing up to do and important matters to attend to. Spending a bit of time on examining the things which truly deserve the space in those boxes will actually save you more time in the long run, rather than just mindlessly tossing them in a rush. There will surely be some items that will be better off if you donate them. You may just be surprised to end up with a huge box or two filled with worthless stuff! This makes unpacking easier for you with less boxes to deal with. Check out these 8 areas to look into prior to your move, for there’s nothing like settling down in a fresh new home that’s more breathable and free of clutter.


1. Clean Up Your Bathroom Cabinet

Nail polishes are flammable too, and you can’t risk it spilling during your move. Some in your collection may have already become crusty, and some arrived in shades you didn’t even like. Old hair sprays, curling mousse, and others way past the expiration date must be disposed of.

2. Dine in or Take Out?

Food takes up a big chunk of space more than what you may think. Preparation is best initiated weeks before your move, so dine in for the remaining days. Cook the perishable foods like frozen meat and vegetables. Consume those that have long lingered on the shelf. The only thing to take out for now are those that have actually sat there longer than it should, and have gone past its shelf life! Your family would definitely appreciate some home cooking before everything gets too busy. If you have an abundance in your kitchen, take a well-deserved break and have a lunch or dinner party with your friends.

3. Have a Toast

In line with throwing the party, don’t forget to serve the open bottles of alcohol you’ve got stored. Savor each glass now instead of sulking when they’re put to waste, with broken and shattered glass the remnants of it.

4. Enjoy a Romantic Dinner

This may not sound the right time for dates and a romantic rendezvous, but a simple candle light dinner can help prior to your move. It will not only ignite the spark in your relationship, but you can melt away some of the things you’ve got to pack. As odd as it seems, most moving companies would not move candles along with the open bottles and anything else that’s flammable, for the sake of everyone’s safety. Anyway, it’s not just for couples but for the whole family too. You can twist the ambiance entirely at home with the relaxing warmth of glowing candles. Use them as a theme for your clean-out party, and give the nicely carved or scented ones to family and friends.

5. Donate Kids’ Toys

Toys are bulky and you probably have chests, or a whole room which may still hold baby toys of your now grade-school kid. This is also the perfect opportunity to teach the value of charity to your child, so involve them in preparing this box to fill with outgrown toys for other kids to enjoy. The bigger ones like outdoor pools or bicycles, and unused items can be passed on to family and friends.

6. Organize Your Closet

Clothing with stains and have become loose, and those that no longer fit which have remained part of your cabinet untouched for as long as you can’t remember should downright be discarded. Toss in the old linens like faded sheets and rough towels in your donation box too. You will probably be acquiring new ones to match the color and the style of your new bedroom. Clothes you haven’t used for more than a year, shoes and bags gone out of style, and those you no longer need can become lucrative through a garage sale. Include apparel which won’t fit into the entirely new environment and weather when moving cross country.

7. Clear the Garage

In doing a garage sale, you might as well clear your garage of stockpiles of little trinkets and scrap items. Arts and crafts like DIY supplies have probably accumulated in crates which may not be worth eating up space in the van, so better take a second look. It is best to acquire brand new garden materials in your new home to prevent possibly transferring weeds and insects in a beautiful yard. Put away brittle planters, old hoses, trash bins, and consider selling outdoor furniture especially those with glass.

8. Reclassify your Furniture

Aside from decluttering, there could be bigger things to consider sorting or giving away such as low-quality furniture. Some may be too old or flimsy that tend to be easily chipped or damaged during a move. It’s definitely not worth the efforts of loading on a van or truck. It would be a good idea to pass them on to family or friends who might need it at home, or donate and be put to good use instead by others who deem it valuable.

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